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  • 21 Jun 2020
  • 27 Jun 2020
  • Methow State Airport


  • Choose this if you are bringing a private glider and intend to take aerotows, or you are bringing a shared glider (e.g. a club glider) and you are the one paying the glider fees.
  • Choose this if you plan on flying a shared glider (e.g. a club glider, and someone else is paying the glider fee, or you are bringing a self-launcher).

    Between multiple people sharing a glider, one should choose the Pilot + Glider and pay appropriate fees.


NOTE: PLEASE SIGN-IN to your SGC account before registering. 
You MUST be an SGC Member in good standing to register.            


- Arrive about June 20 or before.    Tows Sunday, June 21 - Saturday, June 27  

- Signups start 7PM Wednesday, March 25, SGC Website:

     - Click on “SGC SOARING THE METHOW 2020” on the home page

     - Sign up as “Glider + Pilot” ($120), or “Pilot Only” ($40)

          - “Pilot Only” if self-launcher or joining with another glider

     - Pay as instructed with 15 minutes or you will be exited

     - Max 20 “Pilot + Glider”, "Pilot Only" & others unlimited

     - If “Pilot + Glider” fills then you will be directed to the Alternate list (no payments yet)

     - “Pilot + Glider” - please do not trade or pass to another glider if your plans change, let me know then I will use the Alternate list for your vacated slot.

     - 3 additional slots for the club two-seaters are in addition to the above & have priority for the west-side paved tie downs if desired.

- Bring glider & trailer tie down gear for sod, evening winds can be very strong.

- Please bring a hand held radio if you have one and bright safety vest for being on the runway or to walk across.  WSDOT has emphasized that nobody on the runway without a safety vest and someone must have a radio in the launching and retrieve parts of the runway.

- Comms:  Methow Airport 5 nm radius, below 5000’ msl 122.8 (ASOS 118.325), > 5nm the 123.3.         Twisp Airport: 122.9

- 3 tow planes expected, one from each club.  Please be thankful to our dedicated and skilled tow pilots!

- Volunteering is greatly appreciated, please plan to help with launching, glider exits, etc.

- 0930, Sunday, June 21 first all-group briefing.  East side hangar by fuel pumps.  Some have requested earlier for following days - plan pending

- Proficiencies: Please study the area in advance. Google Earth, sectional charts, land outs (airports, Lost River, Twisp, etc.) and ask questions. This is also a learning experience for many of us, so please offer to coach whenever possible.  The Methow offers spectacular soaring potentials with all terrain types, but like most new venues, there can be risks. Always fly safe & coordinated with reserves of altitude and speed...

- In the event this event must cancel due to COVID-19, refunds will be made available and hopefully we can reschedule to late in the summer or early fall. 

- More detailed information was sent out earlier and is on the Forums page on the SGC Website

- Lastly, participants and pilots participating in this activity must fully accept that flying gliders involves risk and the above entities (Clubs), volunteers, and officers of the above entities shall be indemnified and assume no liability whatsoever for damages or injuries suffered in connection directly or indirectly with this event. 

Questions:    cell: 253-686-1415

Thanks to all and hope to meet up in the Methow Valley (Prounced “MET” “HOW”… :)

 Brad Pattison, SGC 

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