General Soaring and Aviation Links

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Alaska Mountain Soaring News Group
Aviation Knowledge Base
Experimental Aircraft Association
Gliding and Motorgliding International
GlidePort Tracking
Landings Aviation Hub live Live Air Traffic Audio Aviation Calculations and Simulations
National Soaring Museum
Perlan Project
rec.aviation.soaring - RAS (via google)
Soaring Safety Foundation
Soaring Server
Soaring Society of America
Soaring Cafe (On-Line Magazine)
SKyVector Flight Planning
The Museum of Flight, Seattle
Wiki Site -
WSPA - Womens Soaring Pilot Assoc.

Pacific Northwest Soaring Links

Air Sailing - Reno, NV
PASCO Homepage - Pacific Area Soaring Council
Soar Idaho
E. Greenwell's Google Soaring Map - Eastern WA, OR, Northern ID
King Mountain Glider Park, Idaho
Twisp (WA) Airport Web Site
Wave Soaring Adventures

Canadian Soaring Links

Alberta Soaring Council
Cowley - Canada's "Diamond" Mine
Soaring Association of Canada


Washington 1km resolution visible satellite imagery

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Seattle

National Weather Service Forecast Office, Spokane

University of Washington Pacific Northwest Environmental Forecasts and Observations

NOAA Soundings at Ephrata, WA

NOAA/NWS/Seattle ARTCC Center Weather Service Unit

SSA Web Site Soaring Weather Page
USAirnet Weather

Commercial Soaring Links

Blanik America - LAK/Blanik Dealer
Cambridge Aero Instruments - Sailplane Instruments
Cloudstreet Arts - Aviation Artwear
Costello Insurance - Aircraft Insurance
Condor Competition Soaring Simulator
Desser Tire and Rubber - Glider Tires
Diamond Aircraft - Manufacturers of Katana Extreme Motorglider
DG - Elan - Sailplane Manufacturer
Eastern Sailplane - Schleicher Sailplanes and soaring equipment
Glider Ground School
Knauff & Grove - Schempp-Hirth Sailplanes
Carbon Dragon
Pacific AeroSport - DG & LS Sailplane Sales & Support / Sailplane Inspection & Repair, Arlington, WA
Soar Minden - Minden, NV
Stemme West, Inc. - Stemme S-10 Motorgliders
Strong Parachutes
Wing and Wheels - Soaring Equipment & supplies

Winpilot - Flight Computer Software


Federal Aviation Regulations
FAA Regulatory and Guidance Library (AC's, AD's, etc.)
FAA Airmen Online Services
N-Number Search - FAA Aircraft Registration
Graphical TFR Map
WSDOT Aviation Division
Port of Ephrata
City of Arlington Airport Web Site
Joint Base Lewis-McChord Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (C-17) Web Site

Buy - Sell

Aviation Shopping Network
rec.aviation.marketplace (via google)