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Membership fees subject to change via Board of Directors approval.
2017 Fees: same as 2016 via Board approval 04/17; tow & ferry fees may be modified later if fuel prices warrant.
Latest update: April 2017

One year membership (Jan-Dec) $35
Family membership (for 14 yrs. and older) $10 (each)

Tows (at Ephrata) - first 1500 feet $42.00
per 100 feet above 1500 feet $1.50
Ephrata mid-week surcharge for non-scheduled operations if fewer than 3 tows on a day $15 / tow

Tows (other than Ephrata - Expedition) - site specific
TBD by Board

Aero retrieve or glider ferry $150 / tach hour

Ephrata facility usage:
Seasonal (April - October) $75
Weekly (7 days) $12

Ephrata glider trailer storage (incl. ramp ship tiedown):
Seasonal (April - October) $200
Weekly (7 days) $30

Ephrata RV Parking - seasonal (April - October) $500 (incl. tax)
Ephrata RV Parking - weekly (7 days) $80 (incl. tax)

All fees are in $ US.  
SGC and SSA Membership required for all tows behind SGC tow plane.  
Billing is limited to tow fees. Seasonal fees should be paid prior to arrival at Ephrata.  
Non-seasonal users are requested to sign in at the clubhouse, indicate their length of stay and pre-pay fees as applicable.  
Invoices for tow fees will be submitted via e-mail (exceptions will be made if e-mail is not available).  
Overdue accounts will be assessed a late fee on an individual basis determined by the Board of Directors.
Your cooperation with these rules will be much appreciated.

Download Membership Application Form

(in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

Download Combined Membership/Facility/Trailer/RV Subscription Form

(in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)

NEW - Pay your SGC bill online via PAYPAL (PAYPAL account NOT required)

(For membership status and billing questions contact the Treasurer)

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